Visiting Teaching- September 2013

I am sad to say that I don’t have a visiting teaching route! I teach RS on Sunday, I am on the activities committee, my husband is the Elders Quorum President in our ward, and I have two kids under three, so I like to think its because “they” think I am too busy for one. Either way, I do enjoy pondering over it and sharing my thoughts and opinions on the months topic! This month is on Self Reliance. Here is the link if you would like to read it for yourself:

Self Reliance is something that I was so excited about because it is a topic that Mitch and I have been pondering a lot lately. How can we as a family become self sustainable in our homes?  We thought of obvious things at first, things that we have around the house but don’t use, or things that we have been told over and over again. Things like build up our food storage, use our wood burning stove in the winter as opposed to the heater, open windows instead of using the a/c. Then we made some long-term plans for this next year, things like plant a legit garden and build a chicken coop for fresh eggs (I am SO EXCITED for spring now I can hardly stand it!!! I want a baby chick this second!)

Sorry, I should have tried harder to play the chicken thing cool. Back to the point-

Spiritual self reliance was honestly something I had never really thought of. As far as religions go, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of latter-Day Saints are pretty self reliant, our eternal exaltation depends on how we conduct ourselves here in earth, and the steps we take to repent of our sins. All of these things are within our hands, whether we choose to study and dedicate our time to the Lord or not is up to us. Seeking forgiveness, as well as FORGIVING others their trespasses, is also within our hands and a mark of true character. Its important to remember that being self reliant spiritually opens the door to charity (Christ’s favorite past time) and from charity Love.

What steps are you and your family taking to become self reliant?

Hugs and such,



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